2015 TBA NSW Micro Business Award – Nexba Beverages

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I’ll, uh… I’ll start off by…
I’m not sure where Carolyn is,
but both me and Troy
have done five nervous wees
before the announcement tonight,
so if it makes you
feel better, it’s…
But on a serious note,
I just wanted to start off
by saying congratulations
to the rest of the finalists
in this category.
I guess,
when the nominations came out,
both me and Troy
looked at who we were up against
and we were like, well,
“These guys are really good and
they’ve done such a fantastic job.”
So, you know,
you all deserve to be here tonight
and we’re very confident
that you’ll be successful
and we wish you the best of luck
going forward in the next few years.
I’ll probably say a few thankyous
and Troy can give you
a little bit of a rundown on Nexba,
but there are so many people
behind the scenes of Nexba
that have had such a big input.
My beautiful wife, Jessica…
..over the last few years
has put up with a lot.
Definitely didn’t expect
to get emotional at all.
But, um…
That’s my sister, by the way.
It is.
It’s very, very…
He picks well.
Very, very incestuous. (LAUGHS)
But Peter Baron, one of our main
parts of the business is huge,
and should probably
be up here as well,
but thank you very much.
To all the whole Nexba team,
you know, day to day,
you guys are what makes the company
and such a backbone.
So thank you very much to everyone.
But, yeah, thank you, guys. Totally
unexpected, so, you know, fantastic.
So, Drew has already mentioned
Peter Baron has been
a big part of our business.
And he actually, I guess,
instilled in us
in the beginning of starting
the brand about four years ago
that success is the by-product
of doing business right.
I’m staring at Carolyn Creswell
and I must say that what you’ve done
with your business
is an inspiration
for people like us
and I’m sure everybody in this room.
So thank you, as well.
But now, yes,
we may only be a micro-business,
but there is no doubt
that we can engage
and create loyalty
in the products that we make.
Nexba is on a mission
to be the global naturally brave,
better-for-you beverage brand.
From the day that Drew first made
the greatest decision,
I would say, of his life –
apart from marrying my sister –
of getting me involved
with the Nexba idea,
we knew that the opportunity
was to make healthier drinks.
But to continue to grow, we knew
that we needed to do it in a way
that would disrupt and in a sense
make the multinationals irrelevant.
So winning this Telstra
Business Award four years on
is a very humbling experience
and moment for both Drew and I.
We thank Peter Baron,
our main shareholder,
and we definitely think
that he’s right.
The truth is that we are only still
just getting out of our nappies.
He’s a lot closer to
getting back in them, but…
No. Joke.
But we imagine,
like everyone in this room,
we were obviously inspired,
as I’ve said,
the stories that we’ve heard
from people like Carolyn Creswell
and the amazing people
that we meet along the way.
So thanks again to the Nexba team,
our little table 16 –
they were cheering loudly,
so thank you.
Let’s use this award as a reminder
in the challenging times
that we are doing things right
and that we are moving in the right
direction no matter what.
Because if Drew and I
have learnt anything,
the reward
is having your own business.
It definitely isn’t the fact
that suddenly life is easy.
The challenges get larger,
but the upside is
the opportunities only get bigger.
And you get to share them
with a team
and a growing community
who share your passion.
So thank you. Well done. Cheers.

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