2 DIY Eliquid Recipes – Coca Cola & RootBeer [Soft Drinks Ejuice DIY] 70%VG 30%PG (AllDayVapes)

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Welcome to do it yourself eliquid recipes. For this video I have 2 soda drink recipes
that taste very good and I find they are perfect to vape every now and then for a change in
flavors. I have included both recipes in one video
since they are both drinks but each one has its own unique taste and flavor profiles. Now I want to make a side note and say that,
A lot of the drink recipes you will see often use sparkling wine or champagne to imitate
carbonation. Even though I tried adding some too in these
recipes I was never able to get a fizzing sensation and the wine flavor even at 0.5%
after a few days of steeping would come out very strong and override or match the cola
flavor and make it taste very weird. So I wouldn’t recommend using champagne
here but if you do, start very low at first. Now the cola recipe is a mix of 2 different
cola flavors that assist each other and paired mainly with flavor enhancers that help bring
out the taste of the cola better and add some mouth fell to the vape. The second recipe is a rootbeer recipe that
is created with the same principles, There is 1 root beer flavor from tfa boosted by
the cola from FW and enhanced by the flavor additives. The spearmint is used because of the koolada
in this mix, but if you have wintergreen from tfa you can substitute both with just 1% of
wintergreen. Since these are soft drinks I also added ethyl
Maltol but this is optional since the juice is already sweet from the flavorings. You could also use stevia if you have some
on hand instead. For steeping I would recommend only few days,
even after few hours it tastes alright. Just make sure you blend it very well and
also shake it every few days after. In this recipe I kept the nicotine low and
it actually tastes really good without nicotine too. But since this is a sweet vape I would recommend
keeping the nicotine below 10mg for the ideal taste. For the base this mix is using 70%vegtable
glycerin and 30%propylene glycol. The high amount of vg helps to add some extra
sweetness and fullness and the pg at 30% helps the flavors blend in to the juice and come
forward. So now I will let the cola steep and I will
try both of the juices for a quick review. I will start with the cola flavor, this is
about 5 days old. It is the first time I’m vaping this batch,
I made a first 20ml before without any sweetener and this one is with 2% stevia so lets see
if it makes any difference. Ok I like it much better than the no sweetener
but I think 2% of stevia was a bit too much, maybe at 1% it would be better or maybe just
with 1% ethyl Maltol like in the recipe that is probably the sweet spot for this recipe. But in general it is good, the taste is consistent
on the inhale and the exhale and it has the familiar cola haribo candy taste but it’s
a little more light. Now let me try the root beer one, this one
is also 5 days old and is made exactly like in the recipe. I didn’t want to add any stevia to the root
beer since its already a mix of a lot of other herbs and I was afraid it might change the
flavor a lot. So lets see how the original blend tastes. Ya I really like it. Its different than the cola for sure and especially
if you vape the one after the other like I do now. You can’t really taste anything individually
but more of a nice blend of flavors with the mint in the background. I would say this root beer is not as intense
as other recipes you might find, but I kept it not that strong on purpose because I find
very intense flavors get tiring very quickly so ya this is a nice recipe and definitely
more complex flavor than the cola. Its nice definitely different and the vape
smells really floral in the room after you done vaping. It’s a nice smelling eliquid and worth trying
if you have the ingredients. Let me know what you think, if you make this
recipe that’s all I have for today. Thank you again for watching and I’ll see
you again next time.

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