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welcome friends today in the kitchen
we’re gonna do something a little bit special we’re going to do the 1880s
Pemberton coca-cola formula and so Pemberton is the guy who invented
coca-cola recipe he invented coca-cola in the hopes that
he could wean himself off of morphine with cocaine in the end it didn’t work
for him. so so he came up with this formula and this is out of one of his
notebooks and it is by no means the recipe or formula the coca-cola uses
today and they’re very adamant about that but by making this it should give
us a little bit of insight into where this product started and what it tasted
like at the beginning and often what things taste like way back then is
nothing like they do today so I started out with some high proof alcohol you
want to get the highest proof that you possibly can and so what I’ve got is 76%
152 proof grain alcohol that’s the highest that I can get where I live if
you can get higher make sure it’s food grade make sure that you can drink it
because you can get yourself into very solid trouble if you don’t make sure
it’s food grade which brings us to the next thing which are these essential
oils now I first wanted to do this back in 2011 what eight nine years ago I
heard a broadcast This American Life on NPR and it was all about this formula
and it really intrigued me and I wanted to do it and at that time everyone said
to me don’t bother you can’t get all the ingredients and they were right I
couldn’t get all the ingredients and you know what I still can’t get all of the
ingredients so these are food grade oils that you need to get there in this form
pretty toxic you don’t want to touch them you don’t want to get them on you
and there was one in particular that I couldn’t get and that is neroli oil and
tiny a little bottle of neroli oil like this
this is five mils of neroli oil was four hundred and eighty dollars us to get
this little bottle and the company said to me oh we can get it for you at a
cheaper break if you buy four hundred pounds it’s 1.2 million like I don’t
think I need 400 pounds of neroli oil so the first thing we need to do is measure
tiny little amounts of these essential oils and mix them into this alcohol and
so I’ve got these tiny little syringes they’re one milliliter each and we’ll
measure these out being very careful not to cross staminate not to get it on your
hands and to get the right amounts so the oils we’re working with our orange
lemon nutmeg coriander neroli and cinnamon oil so the first substitution
is bitter orange oil instead of Naru Li or neroli everyone seems to say that’s
going to be fine so this is our 7x formula this is the 7x
flavoring and we’re only going to use a tiny little bit of this for a couple
gallons of coca-cola very tiny little bit the next substitution that you have
to make is is the coca part it is illegal to have coca leaves in North
America and you need coca leaf extract there’s no cocaine in coca-cola anymore
they they pull that out in a factory apparently in New Jersey and then only
put in the bittering compounds from the coca leaf but since we can’t have coca
leaves I’m worked around a little bit and I found another extract that has
sort of the same flavonoid bittering compounds and I’m gonna give that a try
I think you should probably just leave it out though I’m a little worried
obviously that wasn’t a real coca leaf I’m a little worried that I’m not going
to get it quite right so now we move on to the sugar syrup
component so we’re gonna start it with some water in a big pot and the next thing is to weigh out the
sugar so I know that everyone has been freaked out for years that you know
perhaps way back there was cocaine and coca-cola I would posit that the real
killer in this soft drink is the sugar like that’s a lot of sugar so and it
goes into the water and we want to just we just want to dissolve that we’re
making a simple syrup it’s we’ll just gently heat this and
stir it until the sugar has dissolved while the sugar is dissolving I am going
to juice some limes so the sugar is pretty much dissolved and now we just
add in caramel okay the sugar syrup is dissolved we
didn’t bring it up to a boil we didn’t really get it hot just warm enough that
the sugar crystals disappear into the water next in is vanilla I’ve got my
notes open because I just want to make sure I get this right so in goes the
vanilla and I normally don’t measure vanilla I free pour but somehow this
time I think it’s important to to measure this is off to the point where
if you were using extract of coca you would put it in we’re not putting
anything in and I decided not to put anything in in its place
so next in is the caffeine extract now I know it’s called coca after the coca
leaf and cola after the Kola nut but by 1880 1885 Pemberton already wasn’t using
Kola nut he was only using citrate of caffeine so directly he had decided that
it wasn’t the flavor that he was after it was the caffeine that he was after so
he stopped using Kola nut at that point and there’s no reason to believe that
Coca Cola is using Kola nut anymore so it’s just straight caffeine
mixture 3.75 mils and apparently this is about five times the amount of caffeine
that is in Cola beverages today at the store or any beverage today at the store
are really high caffeine what’s that goes in the lime juice so
freshly squozen lime juice and citric acid citric acid is something that is
not used in today’s coke you can tell that because they use phosphoric acid I
think it is on the label they do list the acid that they use and that’s it for
the sugar syrup okay so we’ve got our 7x flavor mixture and our sugar water
caramel mixture and there’s a bit of math involved because you only use a
very little bit like 1.5 milliliters per liter of sugar syrup so I need to
measure how much sugar syrup we have and then determine how much 7x to mix into
it so it looks like two point two five liters so we need three milliliters of
7x let’s see living dangerously there we go mix that in let’s just give that a
straight-up taste so this is this is really concentrated let’s just see if
it’s even edible huh I can see where that’s going
let’s see what Julie thinks a little enthusiastic poor little yes on the
first pour well I mean I want to make sure that the I know that the
carbonation mixed with the syrup and also I’ve over carbonated that keg of
water that’s you got a kind of a brownish brown tone it smells very
there’s no interesting there’s it over Smith yeah like there’s a smell to it
yeah there I get a lime I do get a lime flavor overwhelming lime flavor okay
that’s the it’s sweet it is sweet it’s very sweet but don’t you sweet for me
it’s a refreshing beverage I like it it’s not coke I think it’s too sweet oh
oh no no no no but you can it would be considered a : it’s a brown beverage
yeah it would go well with people who like rum and coke it would do just fine
Pepsi do you think it’s like Pepsi I I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pepsi I
don’t think I’ve ever had a Pepsi yeah you probably have anyway it doesn’t
matter um no no but it’s I can see how this evolved into coke this doesn’t have
the bite that Coke has there’s a bitter that sort of yeah yeah what I don’t know
that’s a lovely beverage so I would just might we make it less sweet yeah I would
I would chop it some of the sugar I’ve definitely chopped it some of the
sugar and maybe up the amount of 7x so an interesting experiment I think
it’s a worthwhile beverage yeah there’s the funny fun right yeah I mean as much
as we look very you know it is longer it’s like we were we’re not
yeah it is a worthwhile beverage it’s I would definitely drink it I don’t know
that it’s would stand up against beside a coke but in order to actually test
this we are going to do the ultimate Pepsi challenge we’re going to test this
against you stated yourself I know again well I am part of the Pepsi generation
I’m gonna we’re gonna do this Coke and Pepsi Canadian Coke and Pepsi okay
Mexican Coke and Pepsi okay Jessica just came true yeah oh okay the actual
Mexican Coke versus Mexican colas yes like the would probably find a hurry
dose see if we can find the hurry toes Mexican Cola Inca Cola Inca Cola and
wild card thumbs up thumbs up yeah yeah another colas type in the world and so
we’ll do a blind tasting of all of them the reality is all of the large
manufacturers of beverages have multiple versions of their beverages that they
serve sell it in multiple nations because everybody has a slightly
different palate depending upon what the reading and what they’re matching it
with right so there’s so many versions so if you want to try the 1886 Pemberton
Coca Cola recipe give it a shot I mean there’s a couple there’s no cocaine
that’s know so that might change the fact it’s not good as exciting might
have been long ago with that shot of cocaine I think that’s pretty good I
think that’s pretty good and the fact that we now have two and a half liters
of syrup I feel like we’re gonna have to host a children’s party between all the
other beverages we’ve made recently yeah pop and chips for everybody two and a
half liters yeah we’re gonna we’ve got a lot of this to go through it next we’re
stopping by see you consume


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Mahir ぉヴェ よう ;D

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I know alot of people wont believe this, but, by law I am a pemberton. (Our family name was changed to moore a generation ago due to family issues) one of my great greats, just so happened to be John pemberton who invented the cough syrup, which was then bought for $500 by a gentleman to use for a drink. 500 bucks was alot back then, too bad the wealth didnt carry on Haha.

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Drew Rycerz

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