ПОРТЛЕНД ᛫ Орегон ᛫ Пино нуар долины Уиламит | США #2

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We came up with
a cool challenge! We came
to the first winery… …to the winery called
Saffron Fields. The most European out of all
wineries we’ve visited today. To tell the history a bit. Pino Noir is her favourite wine. Open in… …oh great, in seven years! -Don’t I have a glass of wine?
-No. I’ll go get a glass. -Hi! My name is Andrew.
-And mine is Masha. We are a couple travelling
together around the world. We ride and we bite,
using different means of transport to find the most beautiful routes
and the most delicious food. One, two. Guys, we’ve just arrived
to the Willamette valley. It is located at about
an hour and a half drive to the North-West of Portland. We came to our first winery
called Patricia Green. It’s a small winery that produces
around 16–18 thousand bottles. Her founder was the first woman
to ever establish a winery in the Willamette Valley
in about 2000. So it’s a very young winery. It’s interesting that out of the
30 kinds of wine that they produce, 25 are different Pino Noir. And grapes come from 7 different
subregions of this valley, and they differ a lot even though
they grow closely together. That’s because part of
this valley has volcanic soil, whilst the other half
is from planted soil. This entire valley was once
the bottom of the ocean, and these grapes differ a lot
depending on where they are planted. We came up with a cool challenge. Today we’re going to visit a few
wineries in the Willamette Valley. And we’ll be asking
every wine maker to sign a bottle of wine
of our choice. We want to open them
on our wedding anniversaries, so we we’ll be asking to write
the best year for these bottles. In this case, at the
Patricia Green Cellars we chose this bottle of Pino Noir,
it’s called Durant Vineyard. And they signed it saying
Drink on your 10th Anniversary”. So, in ten years
we’ll open this bottle, the first bottle on our list. -Smells nice, doesn’t it?
-Yep. We’re now at
Saffron Fields winery. However, there is no saffron, they only have grapes,
vineyards and wine. So why is it called that
if they don’t have any saffron? The person who established
this winery comes from India. And grape fields
remind him a lot of the saffron fields
in his homeland. Very interesting wines,
we started out with Chardonnay, the only white wine
in their collection. This wine tastes like… caramel sweets,
salted caramel. It’s very good. And this is Pino Noir 2015. And here in description they
compare its taste to toasted bread. It’s odd, you’d never see
such comparison in Europe. At least I never have. It’s crazy how in America
you can be reading about wine and come across
something like toasted bread. Masha’s favourite wine
is Pino Noir. And when we were planning
this honeymoon trip I chose to go
to the very heart of Pino Noir production
in America – Valley Willamette. 95% of the area is planted with
grapes and its Pinot Noir clones. What are the clones,
why do they call them clones? Look, there is a primary
Pinot Noir breed, and there are other
manufactured breeds which unlike Pino Noir are
resistant to drought for example or to natural
phenomenons in soil. So people applied selection
to make clones to make grapes
more adaptable. Nobody could ever believe that
grapes would grow here in Oregon. Hippies settled here in 1960s
and practically lived in tents. Nothing was here at all. The government gave land
for free to anyone who would clear out the forests
and make land suitable for farming. The soil here is very fertile
and rich in minerals, as it’s a combination of
oceanic and volcanic soil. So the Pino Noir
feels great here. These Pinot Noirs are very special,
they smell very different. They’re very different
from Burgundy I’d say, with a lot more berries,
and they are all fresh. All the cranberries, strawberries,
blueberries, also plums. They’re very
saturated and thick. And they’re not as delicate
which I personally really like. And we’re not talking
about serious delicacy as in…
Bordeaux or Burgundy. Yeah, they are the standard
for delicacy. I mean Pino Noir from Oregon
will never be like Burgundy, and Burgundy will never be
like the Pino Noir from Oregon. A bit to the side. This is the second bottle
of wine that we’re buying, it’s from the Saffron Fields. It is Pino Noir of 2015. I don’t know when
we’ll have to open it… Let’s find out. In 2025. In how many years is that? -Seven.
-In seven years. Great, in seven years! The most European of wineries
that we’ve visited today is called Domaine Divio. And it’s almost like
a Burgundy word, not just French. The founders of this winery
in Oregon come from Burgundy, and they also have wineries
in Burgundy and make wine there, including Pino Noir. 10 years ago
he came here to Oregon and started
establishing vineyards. This winery was opened
only a couple of years ago. Here you can try Pino Noirs,
and even Rosé as well. This is for the very end – Chardonnay sustained
in oak barrels that is served at the very end,
after every Pino Noir. This is the Willamette Valley. How did it start? It was founded by hippies
in the middle of the 1960s. They were in search of justice, they were tired of globalization
and they were up to protesting. They decided to create a sort
of communes here in Oregon and live on the
income from land. So during the day they
worked as programmers, teachers or
government servants. And in the evening they
put on their work clothes and created swamps
here to establish winery. They made first fermentation
of wine in Coca-Cola tanks, they had no money at all. They could only survive with
the help of the communes. Amongst them was the founder,
a sort of god in this valley, his name was David Lett. David Lett was the only one with
some knowledge in winemaking, even though he studied
as a dentist. And in 1961,
on the way to San Francisco, he stopped at Nappa
and fell in love with winemaking, fell in love with Nappa
as it usually happens. And he decided to create
his own Nappa elsewhere. In university he
conducted a research to find the best region for
Pino Noir production in the world. And in 1961 he predicted
3 regions in the world: New Zealand, the border between
Portugal and Galicia (Spain), and finally the Willamette Valley. And two predictions
from his thesis came true. The best Pino Noir now comes
from New Zealand and from Oregon. Rich winemakers from Nappa
came and invested in this region. They made their wines world
famous and acknowledged, acknowledged in France,
home to Burgundy and Pino Noir. “Open in 2026”. In 8 years. I can’t even imagine
what will happen in 8 years. Say hello to the future you
in 8 years. Hello, me in 8 years. What would you wish
for yourself in 8–10 years? To cherish every moment
spent together. And to drink wine. Drink wine,
be healthy and happy and enjoy life
because it is very short. Let it be like that! On The Next Episode This is our place,
number 87. There are tons of campings
like this on the way. That’s Oysters Bar
where we’ve just been. Usually we eat
very healthy, but here we burst. Look who’s swimming! Look at the fish, it’s salmon! This is my first ever
silver salmon. I put on everything I had. These are the brutal
fishing conditions in the middle of
the Pacific Ocean. How deep is it here? We ride and we bite! An amazing moment. Look!

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