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    In 1997 the Samaritan’s Museum build on the top of sacred Mountain Gerizim, It was the first of its kind in the Samaritan’s Culture.

    The Museum tells a story about the smallest Sect in the world which time made theme go throw many calamities. It also records this sect history as the most suffered nation in the whole world, Museum includes enchant Samaritans spiritual manuscripts Hebrew books & an antiques with traditional melodies & expressive images,

    Samaritans Museum provide students & archaeologists with all needed information about the Samaritans history.


    Samaritans they breed true to the people of Israel

    they are a tree branch parents who neighbor them time to setbacks and wars, authors their history epic of the hardest epics in history, are radiation veterans who did not Agadro Holy Land since Kaddonhm to the land of Palestine by three thousand and forty-nine years

    Jewish kingdoms splitting about 1000 B.C

    Northern Kingdom "The Samaritans" was three million people ,that number has dwindled until it became million and two hundred thousand, in the 4th & 5th centuries, they lived in the land of Palestine from southern Syria to northern Egypt, But the verdicts against Samaritans & what happened to them from massacres, persecution & coercion to abandon their faith, they became 147 person in 1917, Samaritans become 750 people, half of them live on the top of Gerizim Mountain in Nablus City, the other half in the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv, "Jaffa".

  • Samaritans Religion Sacred Canon

    Samaritans believe five books of Moses.

    Altkoyen ,Exodus ,Leviticus ,Numbers and Deuteronomy, Samaritans have the oldest written version of the Torah, and dates back to pre-3635 And by Aaron fourth Abiha bin Venkhas bin Az son of Aaron, brother of Moses, wrote after the people of Israel to the Holy Land to thirteen years, written in ancient Hebrew, the Torah Samaritan differ from version Jewish seven thousand dispute between letters and words and state and Surat, either word Torah means puns, so find a man everything he needs in this presence.

    Samaritan Language

    Ancient Hebrew language, sign language Altsjer, each character which is similar to the members of the human body, and is considered the oldest languages ​​of the world at large, consisting of 22 characters, read from right to left, and the closest language to ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, because they are Semitic languages​​,The Jewish language is the language of Assyrian, the climate of the ancient Hebrew language to Assyrian Algh, under their leader Zorpabl about 2300 years, the Lord "Ezrahsovir".

    The Basics of Samaritan Religion.

  • Samaritans Museum


    AL 3orsh

    Feseh Holiday


    Samaritans Music

  • Samaritan Most Revered Holidays

    Glades Day

    14th anniversary of the first month of the Hebrew year at sunset by the right path Hebrew Samaritan anniversary out the people of Israel from Egypt and their liberation from the bondage of Pharaoh and is held every year on the top of Mount Gerizim and called Qurban Easter where God make way for Hebrews when he hit the Egyptians.

    Unleavened Bread

    On the 15th of the first month, the anniversary of the departure of the Israeli people from Egypt, a 7 days, eat unleavened bread, because the dough was leavened when they came out of Egypt, in the 7th day the Samaritans start the pilgrimage to the summit of Mount Gerizim where they live the end of the festival prayers glades.

    Harvest Festival

    Is the anniversary of the descent of the Torah, known as the festival seven weeks and holy Bakorim, the second of the three pilgrimage festivals Where climb Samaritans on top of the mountain to pray, marks after fifty days from the day after Sat glades.

    Pilgrimage Feast

    on the 15th day of the month for period of seven days on the first day pilgrimage Samaritans to the top of Mount Gerizim, and feast is the third and last of the festivals pilgrimage, in this holiday must each house Samaritan that combines 4 items that I mentioned sacred canon "fruit trees joy, and palm fronds, twigs of trees Gbea, and willow valley.

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